About Us

What is Fredericksburg Reads?

Fredericksburg Reads is a non-profit communication campaign aimed at improving reading and writing among elementary school students in the City of Fredericksburg.

The Issue We’re Focusing On

Students attending Fredericksburg City Public Schools are performing below the state average on reading and writing SOLs.

Goals and Objectives

Foster in students a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment from reading and writing outside of a school setting, and create healthy, lasting habits.

Increase proficiency in reading for the 3-5 graders in Fredericksburg City Public Schools. 

Increase proficiency in writing for the 3-5 graders in Fredericksburg City Public Schools. 

Give FCPS students more opportunities to implement their writing skills in ways that fit Virginia’s standards of learning (SOLs). 

How it Works

Our team will distribute reading cards and journals (with included writing prompts) to Lafayette and High Mercer Elementary Schools. Every student in 3rd-5th grade will receive these supplies. Students will have approximately one month to meet the goals of reading for 30 minutes and completing a writing prompt for 18 days. Each student that completes this challenge and submits their card on our website will get to attend a celebration in December and can win prizes offered by local businesses.

Instruction Sheet

Who Runs Fredericksburg Reads?

Fredericksburg Reads! is a collaborative campaign run jointly by University of Mary Washington students and Bookmobile Fredericksburg.

What Happens Next?

Depending of the success and efficacy of the Fredericksburg Reads! program, we hope to expand it to more grades and more school systems in future semesters.