Get Ready, Get Set, Write!

Here are some more writing prompts in addition to the ones that are in your journals! Just set a timer for 30 minutes and get creative. Happy writing!

  1. A long time ago, there was an extraordinary land. A land filled with magic and joy and hope. All its inhabitants lived in perfect harmony, smiling and waving in joyous reunion as the sun rose each dewy morning. In this land, there are two best friends. Their names are ____and _____ . They were on a mission. A very secret mission. And their mission is to _________.
  2. Write a short story about someone you love. What do you love about them?
  3. You’re out in your backyard when suddenly you get hit with a shrinking ray! You are now 6 inches tall, write about what would happen and what you would do.
  4. You’re walking around your neighborhood, and you run into a ghost! He seems friendly enough, so you decide to go on some adventures.  What are they?
  5. Write about the book you are currently reading.  How would they change if a dragon showed up?

6. What makes someone a hero? Write about one of your heroes (fictional or real). Why do you look up to them?

7. Think about a book you read recently. Who was your favorite character? Write a story about you and that character going on an adventure together.

8. Picture two kids sitting face-to-face with large cardboard boxes on their heads. They are playing a game, but there’s a catch.  You get to decide and write the rules!

9. Go outside and write about the things you see.  What interests you the most about nature? Is it the animals? The plants? Or maybe even the clouds?

10. Your family adopts a pet monkey. What do you think about the new pet?